Friday, 30 October 2009

My Dream House - A Blog This Challenge

I am playing a long here...

The Aim?
To our own personal ideal. If time/location/money/the rest of the world didn't matter, where would you live? What would your house look like? Find pictures ofyour dream home. What would the rooms look like? How would you furnish them? is it a beach house? Mountainside? Huge backyard, or small courtyard? Farm or suburbia? Apartment overlooking the Eiffel tower or rustic farmhouse in Tuscany. Is there a tree with a swing on it? Do you have a fireplace, mantle covered in photos? Is it a morroccon themed home/asian? Minimalist/shabby chic?

Design your perfect home for us.
Find pictures online and dream away.

Below is my dream house:

An Italian Villa in the hills by the sea...

...with a bedroom I can hide away in and read special books...

...and a pretty kitchen with lots of places to hang my utensils....

...of course there would be lots of light and herbs...

...from my veggie patch...

I'd have a sewing room, although I cannot sew...

....and a garden shed next to...

...the chooks...

This bathroom would be just fine...

There would probably be a nursery with lots of fun things...

...and a walk in closet packed to the rafters...

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Wish review full of fails...

Last Sunday night I wrote a 'prayer'. It didn't really work. Let's review my wishes shall we?

I pray that I can catch up on all my client interviews at work. Fail - only by one though

I hope that Mr. S will help me with the dishes or cooking, even if it is just one night. Fail - Mr S. spent most of the week in the truck and was too exhausted to do anything.

Could you give me the energy to walk my desired 5 kilometres every night? I really want to lose my not so lovely love handles in time for summer. Fail - it rained for most of the week.

Please do not send more than 3 new clients this week. I really need to finish off last months staff supervision. Fail - I got 4 and 0 staff supervision sessions done

May I please stay awake long enough to watch Satisfaction and True Blood Monday and Tuesday nights? Pass!

It would be brilliant if my boss took me out to lunch, after all he has been on holiday for two weeks. He needs to spread his refreshed energy around. Fail - he tells me it will be this week. I highly doubt it though as we both have staff recruitment interviews..

I would love it if I sold some bottone on madeit....and if it is not too much trouble.... Eh! Nothin' but I did make it into the wednesday madeit newsletter.

A suprise gift of chocolate, kisses or a nice compliment from Mr. S would be perfect. Hmmmm - Mr S informed me I did a wonderful job of cleaning the house yesterday. Does that count?

This week I don't want anything. I will not ask anything of anyone and we will see how we go. I should be grateful that I didn't get 10 new clients, 3 kilos of fat filled chocolate and was able to sustain myself long enough to watch Satisfaction and True Blood.

My Place & Yours :: On the shelf

I have decided to play along with Pip's meme. I love Pip's posts. She is my craft lady idol. (Can you tell? I have stolen her :: 's in my title)

This weeks theme is 'On the Shelf'.

My original post was going to be about the treasures items that sit upon my Ikea cube however the battery in my camera has failed me. : (
Instead I will tell you of my grand shelf plan for my craft room. As you will know if you have followed me for a while....I have a button addiction....I am also a bit of a greenie...

I try to recycle and reuse as much as possible. We have little waste in this house. We have two big compost bins (the ones Tumbler ones - you need to check them out at your nearest Bunnings. They are fantastic), we recycle like there is no tomorrow, I try and steer away from harsh chemicals when I buy my cleaning products and not much of our rubbish goes into landfill.

I am also addicted to coffee. Mr. S (bless his heart) is kind and makes me one every morning so my lips hit the cup very soon after my feet have hit the bedroom floor.

So what do you get when you mix a button loving coffee addict with a recycling freak?

Coffee jars full of buttons. Red buttons, vintage buttons, childrens buttons, plastic buttons, wooden name it...I've got 'em.
Similiar to the picture above I have them all lined up in my craft room, sadly on the floor....paitently awaiting Mr S to erect my crisp white Ikea shelf on the wall so I can line them all up and make a pretty crafty statement.

That's what I want on my shelf. Storage solution and work of art at the same time. Delightful if you ask me.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I do not have the energy to put a picture in this blog however....I just opened the Wednesday handmade wonderfuls email from madeit and guess who made an appearance?
Right down the the very end...but before the sponsor me....well one of my bracelets anyway. What a lovely way to end a reasonably crappy day.
My Dear God prayer hasn't worked very well this week. I think I should pray harder next time...

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Have your cake and eat it too

Dear person in the sky/higher being/God/someone who has more pull in this world than I,

I know I am not a religious person however I really need a hand up at the moment. If you could help me out with a few of these things I would be forever grateful.

This week....
  • I pray that I can catch up on all my client interviews at work.
  • I hope that Mr. S will help me with the dishes or cooking, even if it is just one night.
  • Could you give me the energy to walk my desired 5 kilometres every night? I really want to lose my not so lovely love handles in time for summer.
  • Please do not send more than 3 new clients this week. I really need to finish off last months staff supervision.
  • May I please stay awake long enough to watch Satisfaction and True Blood Monday and Tuesday nights?
  • It would be brilliant if my boss took me out to lunch, after all he has been on holiday for two weeks. He needs to spread his refreshed energy around.
  • I would love it if I sold some bottone on madeit....and if it is not too much trouble....
  • A suprise gift of chocolate, kisses or a nice compliment from Mr. S would be perfect.
Surely you could make just a couple of these wishes come true?!

Thank-you in advance,

One demanding yet hopefully young lady.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Store Update and Blogger Giveaway

Vintage button charm bracelet

White Vintage Charm Bracelet

Pastel Button Bracelet

Multi Coloured Button Bracelet

All these goodies and more can be found in my made it shop.
Click here for some button jewellery delights.

For my blogger readers I am having a special giveaway.
Simply be a follower of my blog and buy something from my madeit shop between now and the 15th of December 2009 and I will enclose a suprise gift for free.
It could be a range of different button jewellery. Rings, bracelets, children's friendship bracelets...
All you need to do is give me your blog name upon checkout.


Coffee and Chocolate Break

Time for a coffee and chocolate break before I upload a new range of Manca Un Bottone onto MADEIT. Stay tuned.

Monday, 5 October 2009

I Love a Giveaway

We all love a giveaway right?
Well pop on over here to Bubba Chenille and check out her lovely blog. She is having a MASSIVE giveaway for her '1st blogaversary'. There are some rules but they are easy.

Follow this Bubba Chenille link

and you too can find out how to be eligible for this delightful giveaway.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Menu.

The Menu in this house has to change. Mr S and I are both in weight gain hell.
I was on the program - exercise, healthy eating (mainly vegetarian for a few weeks there) and a sugar free diet. I don't know what happened. We fell off the wagon.
Tonight we are having vegatarian lasgange. Found at Exclusively Food

It looks delightful.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Stumbling...'inside a black apple'...

I love stumbling. Most nights I sit here on my laptop while Mr S watches geek episodes of StarTrek or Wrestling. (Star Trek and/or WWE = slow, painful, bleed out death in my books).
I often stumble upon things and fall in love. It can be blogs, pictures, games, online shopping or reading articles from different news sites.
I am content to sit here in my daggy Bonds trackies, poo brown ugg boots while listening to some sweet tunes (tonight it is Kimya Dawson) and discovering something new about something or someone.

About 18 months ago, when Mr. S and I moved into our house, I found this wonderful Amercian artist on Etsy. I LOVED her. I purchased 3 of her pictures and had them professionally framed. They over look our dining room. One of the pictures looks very similar to Mr S and I. It is titled 'As long as I have you'. (below)

This is The Black Apple's Etsy store. She is fabulous.

Tonight I struck Gold. The Black Apple has I blog. HERE HERE HERE. Note my excitement?

Thursday, 1 October 2009

and my heart breaks...

It is just devestating to read that there has been another earthquake. I am employed in the welfare industry and have had the pleasure of working with many Samoan, Tongan and Pacific Islander people over the past five years. It is horrible to think that so many people have lost their lives and these loving, family orientated, tight knit communities have been ripped apart by a natural disaster.

You can donate to Red Cross here. A little goes a long way.

I travelled to Thailand in 2005 after the Tsunami. Even though it was a couple of years after the big wave had hit, the people of Phuket were still deeply effected. We saw first hand photos of the devestation and it was absolutley heart breaking. To think that something very similar has happened again to such kind natured people is very very sad.

To all the people impacted by the tradegy - you are in my thoughts.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Wishing for....(in pictures)

Veggie Garden


Chook Shed

Belle and Boo Prints

A birdhouse

Sunday happenings...

This morning I woke up to the toast drama (refer to previous post) before getting ready and popping into the wonderful 'Lark's  new shop. I must say it is delightful with some wonderful things I think I will return to buy in the next few weeks.
The dollars are short this week however I was able to buy a 'Keep Calm and Carry On' Teatowel, Thaw magazine and Peppermint magazine. Mr. S was also present so our stop was short and sweet. (He has little tolerance for children's dresses and pretty things although he did spend some time looking at the blind/curtain thing and commented on how wonderful that was).

Mr S also informed me after our departure that I told Allison I did not have a blog. Idiot. I DO have a blog. I am writing in it now. Must have had two thoughts happening at once (this happens to me a lot and can be quite problematic at times)! So my apologies Allison, here I am.

After Lark we went visiting some friends down in Hepburn Springs and then onto some second hand stores. We walked away empty handed however that left us with some spare cash to spend at Beer and Breakfast. To be honest...we weren't that impressed. Mine (hot corn cakes), was cold with overly crunchy bacon and Mr. S's omlette flavours were a bit too hectic for his liking. Oh well. Maybe next weekend we will go to our old time favourite 'The Cosy Corner' in Hepburn Springs. We love it there...

Hope you have had a joyful weekend!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Grilled Cheese Diaster!

This morning I woke up to find Mr. S in the kitchen.
He turned to me with a somewhat guilty look on his face.
I then saw the toaster in one hand and a metal knife in the other.
He was making grilled cheese in our toaster....our very small, can only fit two pieces of toast in toaster.
It will be no suprise to you when I say it didn't work. We now don't have a toaster.
He tells me Jamie Oliver has done it before. I am sure he has my love, however his would have been with success.
Mr S might have the task of finding a new toaster this week after work.

P.S. Can we please appreciate that the little girl in the picture has a large element of evil in that smile? Yikes.

This is lovely...

12.12am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning and I stumble upon this beauty.
I pray that one day I am talented enough to make such goodness. Sadly at the moment I lack the crochet skills and if I want the delightful piece of warm rainbow goodness it will set me back $356.60AU. Ho hum.

I've spent my afternoon and evening creating yoyo hair clips, button charm bracelets and friendship bracelets for wee ones. I really need to take some photos so I can re stock my made it shop. It's empty at the moment. Ho hum.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

and you can play too....

Making: new vintage charm bracelets

Cooking: vegetable soup

Drinking: coffee

Reading: 19 minutes by jodi picoult

Wanting: for new jewellery supplies to be picked up from the post office

Looking: a deflated exercise ball I really should pump up

Playing: rollercoaster kingdom on facebook

Wasting: precious sleep time filling this out

Sewing: ha...i wish

Wishing: i could sew

Enjoying: finally being able to have a routine

Waiting: for a break

Liking: my new job

Wondering: if i will sleep tonight

Loving: carmen's muesli bars

Hoping: i can get rid of the sniffles

Marvelling: that I did extreme voluntary exercise this afternoon

Needing: chocloate

Smelling: salt and vinegar rice cakes

Wearing: singlet and trackies

Following: some wonderful blogs

Noticing: that time has really slipped by today

Knowing: I should really start saving some money

Thinking: I should have a shower

Feeling: loved


Opening: my mind to new things this week

Giggling: at my master plan

Feeling: strong

originally from here...

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Yikes! I have the spring cleaning bug...

Something has come over me. The last two days I have been sorting out spare rooms, boxes, bookcases, containers and cupboards like you wouldn't believe!

I think it has something to do with my new job. For the last five years I have worked a 7 day fortnight (12 hour shifts mind you). Now I have a new position and work 9 days a fortnight. So you see, I have to be a little more organised than before. The last few weeks every meal has been pre-planned, washing has been done most nights and I am in bed before 10pm.

Yesterday I made a banana cake, did all the washing, cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom and pottered around the house. Today I have gutted an entire room, thrown out enough junk to fill a green garbage bin and have started sorting out my craft supplies.

Tonight I have been listing a few items on Ebay. If you are in the market for cheap buttons or beads. Take a look.

Hopefully tomorrow I can have some fun and make some more button supplies.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Odds and Blobs Shop on

Yesterday, during a much needed break from cleaning, I purchased this little padded pouch from Odds and Blobs on Madeit. It's going in my handbag to store my tissues and lip balms and hand cream and other 'why can I never find you when I need you' items that swim around in handbag darkness. Check out her other items...I am loving the fabric range....she ships internationally too!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Don't know where to start...

Today I just don't know where to start. Shall I....
  • bake a banana cake?
  • do all the washing - clothes, linen and towels?
  • dust, vaccuum and mop?
  • clean out the fridge before going to fruit and veg/butcher shop shopping?
  • make buttons!?
  • clean up the study/computer room that now resembles the local tip?
  • colour my hair?
  • catch up on all my favourite TV shows recorded on Mystar?

So much to do with so little motivation. Bring on the sunshine baby!

Listening to...

These two ladies are currently bringing music love into my life. What are you listening to?

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Najo Love...

Today I purchased this lovely Najo bracelet. I was tossing up between this and a large flower ring. I think the flower ring will have to wait a few weeks...
You can find this bracelet and other Najo goodies here. The lovely ladies who own this shop in Hepburn Springs also stock my buttons and are very good friends of should really check them out!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Little Italy...

Has anyone ever had the pleasure of 'Spaghetti Tree' in Bourke Street, Melbourne?
Every few months I go to Melbourne for training and stay in Lonsdale Street. My friend and I stumbled upon Spaghetti Tree one night and haven't looked back. Very affordable, delicious Italian goodness. Yum!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Road Trip!

I've been slack on the posting front lately. Things have been B-U-S-Y!

So I am now officially on holidays for two weeks. I haven't had a holiday since the start of the year and that in itself didn't feel like much of a holiday. Soooooooo....

I'm off to visit some of my loved ones that have sadly been neglected over the past few years. Since moving to my current location I have thrown myself into work and tried to distance myself from my old life however while the nasty pasties have been cut off so have the people that I really do adore. Luckily they are really understanding people and are still there for me.

Monday I head off to Melbourne for a quick meeting. Then I'm tripping down to Shepparton to visit my best friend. She's living with a sweet Scottish boy whom I haven't met as yet but am really looking forward to getting to know. Tuesday brings a long drive to NSW where I will stay with my parents for a couple of days. There I will spend some time with my grandparents and friends who have recently had babies. It seems as though there will be lots of meeting and greeting on the cards.

I did plan on sorting out my buttons and sewing stash at some point. I think I may have to squeeze that in this week. Why is it that working weeks go so slow and holidays pass at the blink of an eye. Where was your last holiday?

Thursday, 25 June 2009

When It All Just Falls Into Place - the longest and bestest blog entry yet!

Quite clearly I was meant to leave the house today. I have had an infected/inflamed gum for nearly a week now. I made an appointment with the dentist on Tuesday however was told my dentist was sick and wouldn't be back until Thursday. Thursday came and I went to work for a morning's worth of training but sadly the dental clinic called and said I would have to reschedule for tomorrow as the dentist was still sick. Ho-hum. So I had to take the day off today which was not so ho-hum.

We do not have a dentist in town so I have to travel to Castlemaine which is about 25 minutes away. I went to the dentist, he confirmed what I knew and prescribed me some antibiotics (which I dont like taking but that is another blog entry in itself).

I then went for a wander down the street as I felt I needed a new pair of boots. (I have a job interview next week which -if successful - will change the lives of Mr. S and I quite dramatically - good and bad but again, that is another blog). First I thought that another lovely pair of Doc Martens would do the trick but I really needed a good pair of dress boots that are somewhat ladylike and rather smashing at the same time.....then I laid eyes on these babies. $130, leather, hot diggerty and my size - you beauty! 20% you say? Even better. While I was in the shop, the lady commented the ring I was wearing (Manca Un Bottone of course) and asked if she knew me from somewhere. When I stated that I actually made the ring and I was from Daylesford she said she did in fact know me and saw me at the Maker's Market. She then asked if I had been to the button shop in town. BUTTON SHOP IN TOWN? WHAT BUTTON SHOP IN TOWN?? WHY DO I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS AND HOW COME SOMEONE HASN'T MENTIONED THIS SOONER!!!!!!!!!!???????

So off I toddle to Number 8 Templeton Street, Castlemaine. There I found Habadash and all my Christmas' had come at once.

Plastic buttons, glass buttons, wood buttons, metal buttons, vintage buttons, buttons on cards, buttons in bags, buttons in tins, buttons in baskets, buttons in drawers, buttons in frames, buttons in books. Buttons.


Two hours later I walked out with a new friend called Sonia (who is FANTASTIC!) and a bag full of buttons. Wait til I show Mr. S, he will be so so pleased. I also purchased the two prints which I am refusing to take out of the plastic until I find a very special spot for them. They are by Kate Greenaway who was a children's author and illustrator in the late 1800's. Sonia tells me that some clothing buttons were actually inspired by her drawings. I will investigate and report at a later date.

So after spending a large quantity of cash (which was a heap of fun and worth every cent) I decided it was best I made my way home. Not before stopping at Castlemaine Organics and checking out their produce. Another $30 gone and a bag full of goodies to munch on. What a fabulous day. Probably the best I have had in a very long time....and to think, if I hadn't have had a gimpy mouth non of it would have happened.


Check out these beauties. I have been flicking through the new Frankie this afternoon and stumbled across tmod. I don't know which one I want. I love them all. I think I love the cube most of all though. I am sure it would entertain me whilst listening to people ramble on at work...Maybe it should go on the Christmas wish list.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


If you know of anyone who has Vintage buttons that they would like to sell please let me know by sending me an email.
Will pay good prices.
Large, coloured buttons preferred.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I love you Frankie...

Today I have subscribed to Frankie magazine. I love Frankie. I find it very upsetting when I go to my local newsagent and all the copies are sold out. This is a fool proof way of making sure I have my Frankie copy for the next 12 months. Unless some magazine stealing bandit takes it from my mailbox....hmmm.
I also purchased the Frankie magazine 'Afternoon Tea' cookbook.
I dont know where my passion or skill came from in the cooking department as my mother and grandmother are pretty meat and three veg kinda peeps. Well actually, they are both kinda hopeless to be truthful (self confessed too so I can write that without being nasty). I love cooking and the Donna Hay cookbook I blogged about some time ago has been FAB-U-LOUS! I have been cooking something new each week and everything has worked out brilliantly. Mr. S has been rather pleased and well fed of late. Donna could be a secret waistline curse now that I think about it...
Speaking of magazines....this month's Better Homes and Garden's magazine has some great button projects. I haven't had a chance to flick through it properly yet but I am sure I will find something to work on over the next few weeks.
If you haven't noticed...I love buttons...I got some great vintage buttons on E-bay this week. Vintage button packages are always exciting to unwrap and sort through. Even Mr. S gets excited these days when a parcel arrives...something I thought would never happen.

Monday, 15 June 2009

This week brings...

This week is going to bring a certain little angel into our home for TWO whole nights. Isn't she the sweeeeeeetest thing?
Let me introduce Miss MGM. She is Mr. S's newest niece. I claim her as mine too as I am an only child so all Mr. S's nieces and nephews are mine as well! Little Miss MGM lives in the big smoke and is coming to stay with us so her Mum and Dad can go to a wedding in town.
I am jumping out of my skin with excitement. Mr. S and I do not have any children and he seems to think children are easy (especially babies). HA! I think he has a rude shock coming. Stay tuned.

Thankyou Miss Curly Pops!

How lovely to receive an email from Cam at CurlyPops saying she was going to write a blog on her button prize. Thanks so much for your kind words Cam. Hopefully next Maker's Market we will be able to meet!

For anyone who would like their own buttonie goodness you can check some of my stuff out here....or post a comment....or send me an email

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Originally uploaded from Kitty's Kaboodle which you can find here! Feel free to join in kids!

Outside my window… Mr. S is sanding back the HJ's bonnet...

I am thinking… that the HJ is the beginning of a divorce!

I am thankful for… having such beautiful and supportive friends and extended family.

From the kitchen… today brings potato and leek soup (to be consumed during our busy working week) and tonight a homemade mushroom risotto. Sausage rolls, mexican and parmasan crusted chicken with roasted vegetables will be in there some time this week to I would imagine.

I am wearing… oh, white and blue striped pj' bottoms and a red singlet (It's Sunday and I have been cooking and cleaning all day!)

I am creating… button attire...

I am going… to work tomorrow :(

I am reading… The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog: And Other Stories From A Child Psychiatrist Notebook by Bruce D Perry.

I am hoping… that I get a promotion.

I am hearing… the brand new tunes from Sia. I love her.

Around the house… are things that have been gathered and collected, all of which have a special memory and make me smile.

One of my favourite things… is my newly purchased cookie jar which I blogged about not too long ago...

A few plans for the rest of the week… work, job application writing(that's a whole day), washing, cooking, blogging and maybe a trip to Melbourne if I can get my s**t together.

Sewing lessons anyone?

Singer was right in this statement however I have a problem. I can't do it. I'm hopeless.

Yesterday was the second Daylesford Maker's Market that I have attended and on both occasions I have envied the fabulous women who have sewn their own wonderful creations. I wonder if there is anyone in the Daylesford area that would give me sewing lessons....or knows of any classes running?