Friday, 2 October 2009

Stumbling...'inside a black apple'...

I love stumbling. Most nights I sit here on my laptop while Mr S watches geek episodes of StarTrek or Wrestling. (Star Trek and/or WWE = slow, painful, bleed out death in my books).
I often stumble upon things and fall in love. It can be blogs, pictures, games, online shopping or reading articles from different news sites.
I am content to sit here in my daggy Bonds trackies, poo brown ugg boots while listening to some sweet tunes (tonight it is Kimya Dawson) and discovering something new about something or someone.

About 18 months ago, when Mr. S and I moved into our house, I found this wonderful Amercian artist on Etsy. I LOVED her. I purchased 3 of her pictures and had them professionally framed. They over look our dining room. One of the pictures looks very similar to Mr S and I. It is titled 'As long as I have you'. (below)

This is The Black Apple's Etsy store. She is fabulous.

Tonight I struck Gold. The Black Apple has I blog. HERE HERE HERE. Note my excitement?

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  1. Absolute GOLD! Her blog is truly fantastic. I read it whenever i need a little inspiration. :)