Thursday, 26 March 2009

Daylesford Maker's Market - WooooooHooooooooo!

The Daylesford Marker's Market is nearly here! I'm nervous, worried, excited and scared. I have never had a market stall before and really don't know how I am going to go.
I know there is going to be lots of talented people there with some wonderful handmade goodies for sale...

Luckily I have my wonderful mum coming to visit from NSW so she has kindly offered to sit with me. (Which also will provide me with the opportunity to spend a little cash on some handmade delights for myself!!)

I set up all the jewellery at the start of the week however I have now changed my mind on how I want to display things. Eh! I think I might just try and wing it on the day...

Sunday, 22 March 2009

For Sale!!

I thought I would post you all a link to my madeit site so you can check out what I have in store at the moment. I have been a bit slack and haven't placed my necklaces, earrings and brooches online yet. I am waiting to see if I have been successful in securing a stall at the Daylesford Maker's Market this weekend. I have been working my fingers to the bone for the last week (having the flu helped as it gave me a licence to sit on my butt for a few days) in order to have a good display. I have never had a market stall before so I am quite nervous. Very different to selling your stuff in a shop or online....gulp...

Thursday, 19 March 2009

V8 Vegetable Juice...

While I am talking about getting creative I might put it out there that I am in the process of designing our vegetable garden.
For 12 months I have been ready to dig up the yard, lay the bricks and get down and dirty however there was a process that needed to be followed...and I had to be paitent while my wonderful Mr. S took care of the important stuff including....
1. The shed floor getting concreted.
2. The guttering and downpipes being replaced on the house and shed.
3. The weather cooled down so Mr. S could spend hours upon hours measuring and planning and discussing the type of fence we put up around our yard and when this was going to take place.
4. The actual fence being put up - which may I add is still in the process of being finished.
5. Any other 'urgent' matter that needed attention in order to stall the vegetable garden process.

In the middle of this we were evacuated due to the bush fires and with no fire plan or fire fighting equiptment our fencing/vegetable garden/water tank/chook yard budget was again set back due to having to buy a generator and other fire defending implements.

But now things are looking up. I imagine that by the time the remainder of the fence is erected, the bricks are picked up (yes - I found the bricks I want 6 months ago at a very cheap price, they are just waiting for a certain Mr. S to go and pick them up!) and the old fence material is removed I may be out digging my patch by the middle of July, just in time for flu season.

I have decided on a circular brick garden divided into 4 quarters. I would love to have a beautiful centre piece in the middle of the garden and think I may have to check out the fine work of the local husband and wife designers at Overwrought.

I would be interested in hearing anyone else's designs and ideas...there is nothing like changing your mind at the last minute.

Sock Monkeys...

I desperately want to start making sock monkeys. Our little nephew Noah has had one made for him and they are just gorgeous. I have found number of instructions on the internet on how to make them...I just need to find the time in order to sit down and get started. By the looks of things the old sock monkey has been around for a while...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

New made it site

Recently I was approached by a woman who sells handmade items by independant artists in two of her Northcote businesses. Not only was this exciting it gave me new hope and prompted me to design new items.
I am now looking into button brooches, earrings and other wearable items. I have re-listed my bracelets and rings on and am looking forward to putting my creative hat back on. Just search for: thereisabuttonmissing and my items will appear.
I am also happy to sell wholesale to stores in Australia. Email me at: