Friday, 26 March 2010

What are you doing tonight?

Tonight Mr. S and I are going to be playing Scrabble during Earth Hour.
I spent 3 hours making vegetarian lasange this afternoon.
Right now Mr. S hates me.
I've taken away his meat, force fed him 8 kinds of vegetables in one sitting and to finish it all off I'm banning the TV and making him spell. Gosh I'm horrible.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Holidays....suggestions peeeeer-lease!

I am on holidays.
I have been on holidays for 2.5 weeks now.
I have 2.5 weeks remaining.
I have not accomplished a freakin' thing.
(Not entirely true however it feels like I have not accomplished a freakin' thing)
I need ideas, suggestions, inspiration.
I have limited funds.

Tomorrow I am going to Melbourne to spend time with my very pregnant sister-in-law and look after little Miss MGM while she goes to work on Friday.

Next week I shall return to meet with my bestie and we are going shopping.

I need more ideas people. Assistance peeeeer-lease!
I would prefer that destinations be around the Mebourne/Central Vic/Grampians region.

Scary Sewing Attempt #1

This dear friends is fabric. Fat quarters to be precise.
I am using them to create a tiny pretty little blanket.
I took this photo 3 days ago just prior to throwing it all in the wash.
Since this time it has remained on the clothes horse.
I am not quite sure if it remains there out of fear, or just sheer laziness.

I can't sew...that well.
I have issues with high expectations.
Sewing means I have to be paitent.
I am not good at that either.

Once I tried to make a handbag.
I managed to sew the opening shut.

Five Faves

I am playing along with Pip and her new meme.

I have to be random and have no theme here....
Tomorrow some of these things may be off the list, with new ones on!

Creamy Coffee. Proper Coffee Shop Creamy Coffee.

This very sweet resin bangle from this Esty seller.

Bird wall decals.
I love all things bird.

On the weekend my bestest, most lovely friend came to stay.
We have been besties for over 10 years and lived together for 3.
She lives a little way away now and I miss her dreadfully.
She is the cutest little black girl you have ever seen.

Merideth Goats Cheese.
There is nothing better.
In salad, on toast, on a platter, on pizza, alone.
I love you.

Monday, 15 March 2010

I'd like you to meet... friends.
Connie and Kyla. Two lovely girls that live in Hepburn Springs.
I first met these two ladies when I moved to Daylesford in 2007.
They were warm, welcoming, kind, nurturing and full of fun.
We drank together, ate together, explored waterholes and dirt tracks together, sat on the porch of Portal 108 and smoked ciggies together (we have now all quit, yay for us!), played Scrabble together, sometimes we cried together too. It was nice.
They are nice people who have good values and kind hearts. They tell you the truth. They are real.

They introduced me to Mr. S.
Mr. S and I were both lonely and pathetic at the time. Kyla thought that we would be good together.
She was right.

Moral of the story? I have two really lovely friends who have a lovely shop and they have just started a lovely blog. I wanted to spread the love and point you all in the right direction. I also wanted to tell you a wee bit about their shop.
In their shop they like to stock quirky, unique, funky, handmade and independent wares.
If you make pretty things that you would like to sell I think you should contact them. They truely are wonderful.

Here is their website.
Here is Connie's new blog.

Go on....take a look...

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Tonight I have been looking at random websites...I always love this one...

This is tonights favourite pick...

This is a copied tweet from their Twitter:

'Today's Mail: "I regularly check the obituaries for the neighboring town, looking for my husband's former fiancee.'
Holy shit lady, you have some issues to deal with there! Don't pray too hard or anything will you?

Post Secret always makes me laugh and re-interates to me that I'm not a total FREAK!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

This week brings a....New Kitchen!

My new kitchen has arrived.
It's stacked up in our dining room, nearly to the roof!

Tomorrow our regular 'Mr.Fix It, I Can Do Any Job Around The House Perfectly' is coming.
He is employed by the kitchen company however is really good at home renos.
He knocked out one of our walls and re-plastered it to make way for the new kitchen.

So now that all my kitchen accessories, utensils and pantry is spread from the lounge room to the dining room....I am here thinking what I need to buy to celebrate the new kitchen.

I love this website.

When I moved from Bendigo to Daylesford I spent a huge amount of money on nice things from their website.
It was to celebrate living solo.
Not having to worry about buying something nice and having a housemates random friend take it to their other random friends BBQ and never seeing it again.
Or having a housemate move out in a huff and take stuff that wasn't theirs, only to find out 6 months later when making Breville pies and not being able to find the pie cutters! (Ruined my pie making experience, still trying to get over it!)

This is my current kitchen.
It is already kind of in pieces.
The brown cupboard has been ripped out and is just sitting there.

Last year we got a brand new, lovely ILVE oven and rangehood.
It is BRILLIANT. I truely love it.
Our last oven was the original and the thermostat had gone in it.
Made it very hard to cook with.

I really want one of these.
Oh how I love them...
I think I might buy it's friend first.
Just in time for winter soups and lovely warm things...

What is your favourite thing in the kitchen??