Monday, 15 March 2010

I'd like you to meet... friends.
Connie and Kyla. Two lovely girls that live in Hepburn Springs.
I first met these two ladies when I moved to Daylesford in 2007.
They were warm, welcoming, kind, nurturing and full of fun.
We drank together, ate together, explored waterholes and dirt tracks together, sat on the porch of Portal 108 and smoked ciggies together (we have now all quit, yay for us!), played Scrabble together, sometimes we cried together too. It was nice.
They are nice people who have good values and kind hearts. They tell you the truth. They are real.

They introduced me to Mr. S.
Mr. S and I were both lonely and pathetic at the time. Kyla thought that we would be good together.
She was right.

Moral of the story? I have two really lovely friends who have a lovely shop and they have just started a lovely blog. I wanted to spread the love and point you all in the right direction. I also wanted to tell you a wee bit about their shop.
In their shop they like to stock quirky, unique, funky, handmade and independent wares.
If you make pretty things that you would like to sell I think you should contact them. They truely are wonderful.

Here is their website.
Here is Connie's new blog.

Go on....take a look...

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  1. I presume from the photo that Mr S. is second from the left......nice rack!