Sunday, 7 March 2010

This week brings a....New Kitchen!

My new kitchen has arrived.
It's stacked up in our dining room, nearly to the roof!

Tomorrow our regular 'Mr.Fix It, I Can Do Any Job Around The House Perfectly' is coming.
He is employed by the kitchen company however is really good at home renos.
He knocked out one of our walls and re-plastered it to make way for the new kitchen.

So now that all my kitchen accessories, utensils and pantry is spread from the lounge room to the dining room....I am here thinking what I need to buy to celebrate the new kitchen.

I love this website.

When I moved from Bendigo to Daylesford I spent a huge amount of money on nice things from their website.
It was to celebrate living solo.
Not having to worry about buying something nice and having a housemates random friend take it to their other random friends BBQ and never seeing it again.
Or having a housemate move out in a huff and take stuff that wasn't theirs, only to find out 6 months later when making Breville pies and not being able to find the pie cutters! (Ruined my pie making experience, still trying to get over it!)

This is my current kitchen.
It is already kind of in pieces.
The brown cupboard has been ripped out and is just sitting there.

Last year we got a brand new, lovely ILVE oven and rangehood.
It is BRILLIANT. I truely love it.
Our last oven was the original and the thermostat had gone in it.
Made it very hard to cook with.

I really want one of these.
Oh how I love them...
I think I might buy it's friend first.
Just in time for winter soups and lovely warm things...

What is your favourite thing in the kitchen??

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