Friday, 26 February 2010

Another Marker's Market...

Next weekend brings another Daylesford Maker's Market. I will be there with bells on!
My lovely mum will be there too to help me out. She is driving from NSW to spend the weekend. She is such a good mum!

The last market I attended I was by myself which can be a bit annoying when you want to go and have a sticky at the other pretty stalls.

I have been in a mad panic making things the last two weekends. I have new hairpins and magnets for this stall. They have been lots of fun to make. Tonight I plan to sit down and make some bracelets and necklaces. I have been really slack in the stringing department lately. I only have a few bracelets made. It's just not going to cut it!

I wonder who else will be attending this market? Are you going to be there?


  1. Oh drats, I'm not going to be there next weekend, but I will be in April.
    Hope its fabulous!

  2. i have been itching to attend the daylesford makers market but am yet to get my self organised enough to make the trip. next time : ) have fun and enjoy perusing at all the other pretty stalls : ) where would we be without our mums?!

  3. Hi honey, just popped in to say I mentioned Dennis on my blog today so hope that was ok and that I got the information right! Good luck at the market, hope it's lots of fun xo