Saturday, 13 February 2010

New range...yipee!

For a while now I have been trialing a lot of different things for the Bottone range. (I talk like I'm friggin' Stella McCartney)
It is hard.
I have also come to the conclusion that I hate glue.
Especially glue that promises to stick to any surface and doesn't.

So last night I went on a Ebay hunt to find new things I could make...with buttons.
I have found them. They are not new for the world of button craft or button jewellery, but they are new to me.
Hopefully next weekend brings a whole world of button making.
I have applied for the March and April Maker's Market here is Daylesford.
Hopefully I am successful...otherwise I'm gonna have a heap of new pretties with no one to show!
Stay tuned!

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