Monday, 8 February 2010

Dinner #1 'Sorta Shepard's Pie' by Martha Goes Green

(Image stolen from Google Images)

Tonight was the first night that I made something from Martha Goes Green.
I decided I would make 'Sorta Shepard's Pie'.
I'm not going to give the recipe away because I don't think that it fair for the authors of Martha....however I will tell you it has zuchinni and carrots and four bean mix and canned tomatoes and mushrooms!

Mr. S nearly cried when he found out it was the start of Veggie Week. (This man comes from a family of farmers, have I told you that? Cow and potato farmers. I'm marrying Mr. Meat and 3 Veg. I am Ms former Vegetarian, once Vegan. Ha!)

Anyway, the end result is that he liked it. Really liked it. So much so he said he would eat it again. Success!

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