Monday, 22 February 2010

I'm hearing you lady! (*Caution - Loose unladylike lips)

Firstly let me guide you to Steph's post over here. I loved this post. It hit home.

For the last couple of months I have been struggling with yukky old depression. Some days are good. Some days are so friggin' hideous I wish I never got myself out of bed. (Yes I can still get out of bed so clearly I'm not ready to end it all!) I do joke about it because it is not the first time I've been struck down with the nasty bugger and it certainly wont be the last. I've come to live with the fact that it's gonna come and go, just like the winter flu or a horrible sore throat, I just need to stay strong and know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So while I'm all dark and gloomy I have been really focused on all the things that I hate about me...
I am moody.
I am a perfectionist at work and lazy at home.
I eat too much crap and bitch that I am fat.
Sometimes I have really poor boundaries and think I can save the world (or die trying).
I can be really selfish.
I dont pay Mr. S enough attention.
I have bad bad bad language. Very unlady like.
I love/trust too easily and often get hurt.


I also have these lovely, good  and sweet qualities...

I am caring and full of love for others.
I always try my very best and keep the impact of my actions on others in mind. (not always a strength I'm telling you).
I am smart.
I can be crafty.
I am compassionate.
I believe we are life long learners and am always open to new experiences.

This year I am focused on self awareness and spiritual growth. No matter how hard it may be at times. I am far from perfect...and I am ok with that.


  1. What is DIRTY BIG FAT ILLUSION!!!! xx

  2. i can relate to sooo many of your points. but as you said were strong and keep on keeping on. and i agree with leonie perfect... doesnt exist. : )