Thursday, 11 February 2010

Community Appeal

Here are some photos from Dennis's last trip to Vietnam.
I have always wanted to spend 3 months volunteering in an orphange however
I think I would want to bring them all home.

It would be lovely if everyone could spread the word about this appeal.
Leonie from Raglan Guld has been an absolute super trooper. Check out her blog and all the great work she is doing to try and gather as many undies as she possibly can.
Thank-you so much Leonie.

On Monday I picked up a big box of goodies from Allison @ Lark.
I hear Dennis was quite overwhelmed by all the support.

This is a swing set that Dennis and his army friends built during the war.
It still remains at the orphange after nearly 40 years!

If you are interested in blogging, donating money or purchasing items for this appeal then please contact me so I can send you further information.

Leonie's Undie Run was a fantastic idea.
Maybe someone could have a baby singlet run....or a dummy run...


  1. I think I would have to hire a boeing to send my lot home....gee...I've got a few extra spuds here...I could feed a few....xx Glad I could help, I'll might steal some of these images this week!

  2. I'm sending some singlets tomorrow.