Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Vietnamese Orphanage Community Appeal

I have sent the below information out to several local crafters however if you think you can help, please, spread the word about this wonderful cause.

Dennis Edwards spent time in Vietnam in the Army both in 1969/70 and 1972/73. During this time he and some of his team built swings, slides, slippery dips etc for children in orphanages. Since this time Dennis has gone back and continued to work and donate to several isolated orphanages throughout Vietnam. Some of the swing sets/slide were still there in 2007 when he returned to visit the orphanages that remained open.
Sadly Dennis has been diagnosed with brain cancer however he is planning to go back to Vietnam in April along with his four children with a shipping container filled with various items that are desperately in need. He believes that this will be his final journey before he becomes too ill to travel.

I work with Dennis's wife which is how I found out about this appeal. One of the things that she found astonishing is how much the children cherish their clothing. I know a lot of you have wonderful sewing and craft skills which enable you to make beautiful children's items.
There is a fundraising supper/dance being held in Lancefield costing $25 per head. What I am asking is if people are unable to attend the supper then maybe you could donate $25 worth of goods or handmade items the children could use/wear.

If you are interested in either promoting, attending the funraising dinner or donating some items please let me know via email.

The cut off date is Saturday the 20th of March.

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