Saturday, 18 April 2009

The rules:
"I will send three people who leave a comment on this post a handmade gift within the next 365 days. I am willing to post anywhere in the world, so don’t let that stop you from commenting. The catch is that you must have a blog and be willing to do the same thing…."

Sadly, due to my scattered brain and having too many windows open at once....I cannot remember where I originally found this post...which upsets me cos I really liked their blog.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

More Made It Goodness...

Earrings, friendship bracelets and more rings...

Thou Shalt Not Get Fat!

Today Mr S. and I went on a little road trip. Firstly we stopped off in Clunes as I heard a lovely rumor that there was a man in an antique store who was selling lots and lots of buttons. We got there quite early, checked out the scene and decided that we were long overdue for a coffee. Sadly the sign stating 11am-4pm weekends on the Antique shop's front door was a lie and the shop was not going to be open until noon. Ho-hum.

So while I poked my head in the window searching for some sort of button evidence I spotted an old monk cookie jar.

My Nanna who sadly passed away a number of years ago was the proud owner of this exact same cookie jar. I squealed excitedly at Mr S. stating that we must come back for this as I have been searching for one the same for a very long time. Suprisingly he was just as excited as I was(probably because this meant we may be able to indulge in round two at the local lolly shop) and agreed that we should head off to our next location and return after lunch.

So off to Ballarat we went with the hope we would have all our shopping done in time to drive BACK to Clunes to fetch Nanna's monk and discover the fabulous world of vintage buttons...

Sure enough after battling through the crowd at Bunnings, filling up with fuel, stocking up at Aldi (my first real Aldi experience - wasn't that impressed to be honest) and having a bite to eat we headed back and I scored the monk for a cool $35! In all the excitement I forgot about the buttons I had originally set out to find and was on my way home before I gave them another thought!!

Mr Monk is now sitting up on the top shelf of my display cube with full view of the kitchen...waiting to have his belly filled...probably not with cookies though...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

It is 11.10pm and I have just walked away from my sewing machine. Meet Me at Mikes Craft Project #1....failed.

I have Mr. S yelling from the bedroom saying it's too late for swear words and loud noises, the dog at my feet wanting attention and a cat meowing at the back door wanting to come in and out and back in again. I think I picked a bad time for creating tonight.

It is clear that this little angel is not getting those sweet little shoes her aunty has dreamt of making....I would post pictures however I am much too ashamed....Clearly I need sewing lessons...