Wednesday, 1 April 2009

It is 11.10pm and I have just walked away from my sewing machine. Meet Me at Mikes Craft Project #1....failed.

I have Mr. S yelling from the bedroom saying it's too late for swear words and loud noises, the dog at my feet wanting attention and a cat meowing at the back door wanting to come in and out and back in again. I think I picked a bad time for creating tonight.

It is clear that this little angel is not getting those sweet little shoes her aunty has dreamt of making....I would post pictures however I am much too ashamed....Clearly I need sewing lessons...


  1. hmm... good luck for the second attempt? I am going to try the paper flowers as my first effort!

  2. Don't lose heart... all craft/sewing books are different and the only way I can get past a Fail is by trying another book/pattern, and then another, and then work out what the hell I missed in the first two.