Saturday, 17 October 2009

Wish review full of fails...

Last Sunday night I wrote a 'prayer'. It didn't really work. Let's review my wishes shall we?

I pray that I can catch up on all my client interviews at work. Fail - only by one though

I hope that Mr. S will help me with the dishes or cooking, even if it is just one night. Fail - Mr S. spent most of the week in the truck and was too exhausted to do anything.

Could you give me the energy to walk my desired 5 kilometres every night? I really want to lose my not so lovely love handles in time for summer. Fail - it rained for most of the week.

Please do not send more than 3 new clients this week. I really need to finish off last months staff supervision. Fail - I got 4 and 0 staff supervision sessions done

May I please stay awake long enough to watch Satisfaction and True Blood Monday and Tuesday nights? Pass!

It would be brilliant if my boss took me out to lunch, after all he has been on holiday for two weeks. He needs to spread his refreshed energy around. Fail - he tells me it will be this week. I highly doubt it though as we both have staff recruitment interviews..

I would love it if I sold some bottone on madeit....and if it is not too much trouble.... Eh! Nothin' but I did make it into the wednesday madeit newsletter.

A suprise gift of chocolate, kisses or a nice compliment from Mr. S would be perfect. Hmmmm - Mr S informed me I did a wonderful job of cleaning the house yesterday. Does that count?

This week I don't want anything. I will not ask anything of anyone and we will see how we go. I should be grateful that I didn't get 10 new clients, 3 kilos of fat filled chocolate and was able to sustain myself long enough to watch Satisfaction and True Blood.

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  1. Well i hope your boss took you out for lunch and that Mr.S gave you some chocolates. If not, would you like me to have a chat with them?

    P.s. Buttons are now up for grabs on my blog!:)