Sunday, 11 October 2009

Have your cake and eat it too

Dear person in the sky/higher being/God/someone who has more pull in this world than I,

I know I am not a religious person however I really need a hand up at the moment. If you could help me out with a few of these things I would be forever grateful.

This week....
  • I pray that I can catch up on all my client interviews at work.
  • I hope that Mr. S will help me with the dishes or cooking, even if it is just one night.
  • Could you give me the energy to walk my desired 5 kilometres every night? I really want to lose my not so lovely love handles in time for summer.
  • Please do not send more than 3 new clients this week. I really need to finish off last months staff supervision.
  • May I please stay awake long enough to watch Satisfaction and True Blood Monday and Tuesday nights?
  • It would be brilliant if my boss took me out to lunch, after all he has been on holiday for two weeks. He needs to spread his refreshed energy around.
  • I would love it if I sold some bottone on madeit....and if it is not too much trouble....
  • A suprise gift of chocolate, kisses or a nice compliment from Mr. S would be perfect.
Surely you could make just a couple of these wishes come true?!

Thank-you in advance,

One demanding yet hopefully young lady.

1 comment:

  1. I hope the universe is kind to you this week! I think your list is pretty reasonable. :)

    P.s. Just checked out your madeit shop and it looks great! I'm having a competition soon with some vintage buttons included in the prizes so i will keep you posted! :)