Sunday, 6 September 2009

and you can play too....

Making: new vintage charm bracelets

Cooking: vegetable soup

Drinking: coffee

Reading: 19 minutes by jodi picoult

Wanting: for new jewellery supplies to be picked up from the post office

Looking: a deflated exercise ball I really should pump up

Playing: rollercoaster kingdom on facebook

Wasting: precious sleep time filling this out

Sewing: ha...i wish

Wishing: i could sew

Enjoying: finally being able to have a routine

Waiting: for a break

Liking: my new job

Wondering: if i will sleep tonight

Loving: carmen's muesli bars

Hoping: i can get rid of the sniffles

Marvelling: that I did extreme voluntary exercise this afternoon

Needing: chocloate

Smelling: salt and vinegar rice cakes

Wearing: singlet and trackies

Following: some wonderful blogs

Noticing: that time has really slipped by today

Knowing: I should really start saving some money

Thinking: I should have a shower

Feeling: loved


Opening: my mind to new things this week

Giggling: at my master plan

Feeling: strong

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  1. OK. I agree. You could have been sleeping. But don;t you love these sort of lists for the sitting down for a tick and having a bit of a look around you?