Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sunday happenings...

This morning I woke up to the toast drama (refer to previous post) before getting ready and popping into the wonderful 'Lark's  new shop. I must say it is delightful with some wonderful things I think I will return to buy in the next few weeks.
The dollars are short this week however I was able to buy a 'Keep Calm and Carry On' Teatowel, Thaw magazine and Peppermint magazine. Mr. S was also present so our stop was short and sweet. (He has little tolerance for children's dresses and pretty things although he did spend some time looking at the blind/curtain thing and commented on how wonderful that was).

Mr S also informed me after our departure that I told Allison I did not have a blog. Idiot. I DO have a blog. I am writing in it now. Must have had two thoughts happening at once (this happens to me a lot and can be quite problematic at times)! So my apologies Allison, here I am.

After Lark we went visiting some friends down in Hepburn Springs and then onto some second hand stores. We walked away empty handed however that left us with some spare cash to spend at Beer and Breakfast. To be honest...we weren't that impressed. Mine (hot corn cakes), was cold with overly crunchy bacon and Mr. S's omlette flavours were a bit too hectic for his liking. Oh well. Maybe next weekend we will go to our old time favourite 'The Cosy Corner' in Hepburn Springs. We love it there...

Hope you have had a joyful weekend!

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