Friday, 26 February 2010

Another Marker's Market...

Next weekend brings another Daylesford Maker's Market. I will be there with bells on!
My lovely mum will be there too to help me out. She is driving from NSW to spend the weekend. She is such a good mum!

The last market I attended I was by myself which can be a bit annoying when you want to go and have a sticky at the other pretty stalls.

I have been in a mad panic making things the last two weekends. I have new hairpins and magnets for this stall. They have been lots of fun to make. Tonight I plan to sit down and make some bracelets and necklaces. I have been really slack in the stringing department lately. I only have a few bracelets made. It's just not going to cut it!

I wonder who else will be attending this market? Are you going to be there?

Monday, 22 February 2010

I'm hearing you lady! (*Caution - Loose unladylike lips)

Firstly let me guide you to Steph's post over here. I loved this post. It hit home.

For the last couple of months I have been struggling with yukky old depression. Some days are good. Some days are so friggin' hideous I wish I never got myself out of bed. (Yes I can still get out of bed so clearly I'm not ready to end it all!) I do joke about it because it is not the first time I've been struck down with the nasty bugger and it certainly wont be the last. I've come to live with the fact that it's gonna come and go, just like the winter flu or a horrible sore throat, I just need to stay strong and know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So while I'm all dark and gloomy I have been really focused on all the things that I hate about me...
I am moody.
I am a perfectionist at work and lazy at home.
I eat too much crap and bitch that I am fat.
Sometimes I have really poor boundaries and think I can save the world (or die trying).
I can be really selfish.
I dont pay Mr. S enough attention.
I have bad bad bad language. Very unlady like.
I love/trust too easily and often get hurt.


I also have these lovely, good  and sweet qualities...

I am caring and full of love for others.
I always try my very best and keep the impact of my actions on others in mind. (not always a strength I'm telling you).
I am smart.
I can be crafty.
I am compassionate.
I believe we are life long learners and am always open to new experiences.

This year I am focused on self awareness and spiritual growth. No matter how hard it may be at times. I am far from perfect...and I am ok with that.

Hip Hop Happy Birf-day...

Saturday was my birthday.
I was spoilt.
A wooden bicycle from
Gardening gloves.
Max Brenner chocolate, cup and saucer (thanks Mr. S for eating the chocolate and then asking what it was for!)
A framed picture of my grandparents on their wedding day (tears followed soon after opening this one).
Homemade cup cakes.
Caramel tarts.
An address book.
A handmade present from one of those people that just pop into your life without warning.

Oh my was I spoilt. I had all my birthday wishes comes true.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Local Craft out Donnatella...

I received an email from Allison over at Lark this evening.
She is looking for local makers to interview for Lost magazine which is a local tourist/event magazine.
I love Lost. It is a great little book filled with info about what is happening around the Daylesford/Hepburn Springs area.
Allison is looking for local crafters who have stalls at the Maker's Market.

You can imagine my excitement.
I ran around the house squealing a little (Ok a lot. There may have also been arms flapping and legs kicking). The cat ran away and Mr. S looked at me like I was a crazy woman. (I am a crazy woman).

I may have to delay the questionairre until after tomorrow nights Yoga class.
Tonight I am much too sleepy to think logically and public humiliation is not on my to do list at the moment.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

To market, to market

I am off to the Market with this little angel. Hopefully she stays an angel while we are there...

New range...yipee!

For a while now I have been trialing a lot of different things for the Bottone range. (I talk like I'm friggin' Stella McCartney)
It is hard.
I have also come to the conclusion that I hate glue.
Especially glue that promises to stick to any surface and doesn't.

So last night I went on a Ebay hunt to find new things I could make...with buttons.
I have found them. They are not new for the world of button craft or button jewellery, but they are new to me.
Hopefully next weekend brings a whole world of button making.
I have applied for the March and April Maker's Market here is Daylesford.
Hopefully I am successful...otherwise I'm gonna have a heap of new pretties with no one to show!
Stay tuned!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Community Appeal

Here are some photos from Dennis's last trip to Vietnam.
I have always wanted to spend 3 months volunteering in an orphange however
I think I would want to bring them all home.

It would be lovely if everyone could spread the word about this appeal.
Leonie from Raglan Guld has been an absolute super trooper. Check out her blog and all the great work she is doing to try and gather as many undies as she possibly can.
Thank-you so much Leonie.

On Monday I picked up a big box of goodies from Allison @ Lark.
I hear Dennis was quite overwhelmed by all the support.

This is a swing set that Dennis and his army friends built during the war.
It still remains at the orphange after nearly 40 years!

If you are interested in blogging, donating money or purchasing items for this appeal then please contact me so I can send you further information.

Leonie's Undie Run was a fantastic idea.
Maybe someone could have a baby singlet run....or a dummy run...

Monday, 8 February 2010

Dinner #1 'Sorta Shepard's Pie' by Martha Goes Green

(Image stolen from Google Images)

Tonight was the first night that I made something from Martha Goes Green.
I decided I would make 'Sorta Shepard's Pie'.
I'm not going to give the recipe away because I don't think that it fair for the authors of Martha....however I will tell you it has zuchinni and carrots and four bean mix and canned tomatoes and mushrooms!

Mr. S nearly cried when he found out it was the start of Veggie Week. (This man comes from a family of farmers, have I told you that? Cow and potato farmers. I'm marrying Mr. Meat and 3 Veg. I am Ms former Vegetarian, once Vegan. Ha!)

Anyway, the end result is that he liked it. Really liked it. So much so he said he would eat it again. Success!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Vietnamese Orphanage Community Appeal

I have sent the below information out to several local crafters however if you think you can help, please, spread the word about this wonderful cause.

Dennis Edwards spent time in Vietnam in the Army both in 1969/70 and 1972/73. During this time he and some of his team built swings, slides, slippery dips etc for children in orphanages. Since this time Dennis has gone back and continued to work and donate to several isolated orphanages throughout Vietnam. Some of the swing sets/slide were still there in 2007 when he returned to visit the orphanages that remained open.
Sadly Dennis has been diagnosed with brain cancer however he is planning to go back to Vietnam in April along with his four children with a shipping container filled with various items that are desperately in need. He believes that this will be his final journey before he becomes too ill to travel.

I work with Dennis's wife which is how I found out about this appeal. One of the things that she found astonishing is how much the children cherish their clothing. I know a lot of you have wonderful sewing and craft skills which enable you to make beautiful children's items.
There is a fundraising supper/dance being held in Lancefield costing $25 per head. What I am asking is if people are unable to attend the supper then maybe you could donate $25 worth of goods or handmade items the children could use/wear.

If you are interested in either promoting, attending the funraising dinner or donating some items please let me know via email.

The cut off date is Saturday the 20th of March.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Dear Vera Wang...

Why do you have to have a starting price of US$6,100.
I like this dress. My shoulders aren't as boney and my boobs are so so much bigger than hers but I deserve a little slice of Vera Wang happiness don't I?