Monday, 4 May 2009

Soup, Serena and Spring cleaning in Autumn

This morning I had a wonderful sleep in which soon followed by some soup preparation (potato and bacon - hello!) and pumping some tunes out while I cleaned the house. The cleaning is still in the progress however as I explored some old CD's (classic case of procrastination) I discovered my Serena Ryder album.

I first saw Serena in 2005 when I went to see Missy Higgins play at The Palais in Melbourne. She was the support artist and I instantly fell in love with her music...she was also the funniest chick I had seen perform in a long time. I have moved house twice since buying her album which obviously became lost in my massive collection....but today she was found again. YAY!

She has since released another 2 albums and so I am about to order them from Maple Music.
Check out her Myspace page and let me know what you think! Now back to the dreaded dusting and wicked washing...ho hum...

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  1. Amazing that I have never heard of Serena Ryder... well, I'm going to double confirm that in a minute when I go listen to her via iTunes or myspace.

    Missy is a bit of a master at choosing very talented and always humorous support acts. A few years ago, this is where I discovered Kate Miller-Heidke.