Monday, 4 May 2009

New Donna Hay Cookbook - YAY!

Today I ventured to Castlemaine which is about a 20 minute drive from my house.

I had to endure a trip to the dentist. Actually, to be truthful, I don't mind the dentist. I think it is because my Mum always had me in the dental chair for regular checkups when I was little and it was always a reasonably pleasant experience. So anyway...after sitting in the chair for an hour what better way to reward myself than to stop off at the local bookstore.

I picked out two books for our nephew Jackson, two books for our niece Jasmine (who both have May Birthdays) and decided it was best I buy three copies of Donna Hay's 'No Time to Cook'. Mother's Day is officially covered and I get a copy for myself as lovely!

I would recommend checking out this collection of Donna's recipes...simple, quick, delicious and most of the ingredients you will find in the cupboard. If I get creative over the weekend I may post some pictures...

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