Monday, 25 May 2009

Oh my...sincere apologies for my slackness...

I have to apologise to everyone for the Manca Un Bottone giveaway. I got up to week two but the last two weeks have been pretty horrible....and busy....and unpredictable.

A brief description:

  • Parents fly out to Turkey for a fortnight - nice, have a good time parents, stay safe.

  • Grandfather gets bitten by a cat and ends up in hospital - oh...this is not good. Concerned.

  • After 24 hours in the hospital Doctor informs Grandfather and family that the cat has in fact saved his life and he was about to have a fatal stroke. - Loving the cat at this moment but concerned as to what happens next.

  • Parents unable to be contacted as they left no flight numbers, accommodation or destination details. - This is not alright. I want to kill them. (Nicely)

  • Transfer hospitals from rural NSW to Melbourne. Surgery, hospital for 10 days, me travelling back and forth to Melbourne for a week before Grandpa is fixed and taken back home. - Good outcome, thank goodness, love your work Professor Surgeon man.

  • Realisation that the Daylesford Maker's Market closing date has closed in on me and it's 10pm on the night of application closure. - Argh! I'd better explain myself and hope there is still some places left.

  • Acceptance into Maker's Market - yay, something good has happened!

  • Balancing work, exciting new job application, button making, housework and drawing Manca Un Bottone winners - some of this just did not happen....ho hum.

So there you have it folks...I've been very busy, and scattered and crazy. I'm terribly sorry about my lack of communication and prize drawing.... but enough of my rambling....

The 3rd Winner of the button bling competition is Comment Number 2: Sharon

and last but not least....

The 4th Winner of the button bling competition is Comment Number 9: Mishia

Please email me with your postage details and I will get you prize out as soon as possible!


  1. I didn't realise that was you at the market today. My sister bought one of your beautiful purple button bracelets. Purple is her favourite colour.
    Sorry to hear about the troubles you've had lately. Thank goodness Grandpa is on the mend.

  2. Had I have been more organised I would have blogged about it and I could have given you your prize today! It was such a wonderful day and a lovely atmosphere. I hope the next one is in the town hall as well. Xo