Monday, 4 May 2009


Check it!
The Daylesford Maker's Market certainly was a great day....although I am hoping to be more prepared next time. More items, bigger table and a market umbella...I was burnt to a crisp which is rather unusual for Daylesford weather...heehee.

Also, if you are in the Northcote area, check out 'The Local Shop' at 262 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne, VIC. You can also find my button delights there.
At this stage I dont think that they have a website however her daughter runs their other shop 'I dream a highway' which you can find here. They have some brilliant stuff there including wallets, clothes, winter hats, jewellery and wicked little hair accessories.

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  1. I love 'The Local Shop', I just wish they had a website so I could link to them regularly!

    Found you via 'All Toile...'