Monday, 8 August 2011

Garlic! Yeah baby...

In the last 6 weeks I've had two colds, a chest infection and more recently a super sized coldsore on my nose. Yup, thats right, on my nose. It's hot let me tell you.

So I've been pumping in the vitamins, trying to get plenty of rest and eating raw garlic. Now normally I'm the hippy in this house. Organic produce, no poisons on the garden, naturopath opposed doctor, goats milk soap, homemade name it, I try and do it. Mr. S spends a great deal of time bagging me and telling jokes about being a 'f**ked out old hippy' however this time he has outdone me.

The other night as I sat here coughing up 3/4 of a lung and reaching for another tissue he told me to go and chop some garlic. 4 cloves later....BEST THING I HAVE DONE!

I may not be cured but I feel so much better! I think it truely has been my saviour. So now I am wondering what are the other cold and flu home remedies out there that I do not know about?

What do you do to cure yourself?

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