Wednesday, 17 August 2011

CurlyPops Stops By For A Visit

So last weekend I emailed a few of my favourite bloggers and asked if they would be interested in making a guest appearance on my little old blog. My expectations for a response were low given my reputation in blogland is somewhat small. 30 followers, sporadic posts and occasional foul language with a twisted sense of humour isn't really a recipe for success in my book. HOWEVER, I was super excited when the first response I got was from Cam at CurlyPops.

Cam is fabulous. She blogs regularly, makes a range of gorgeous handmade goodies and is actively involved in fundraising and campaigns to do her bit to make the world a little bit nicer.

Below is her little Manca Un Bottone interview and a list of places you can find her beautiful wares. Thanks for stopping by Cam!

What do you make?
I make anything and everything, from handbags to softies to clothes and all things in between.
For my business, I focus on my textile brooches and lifestyle accessories such as pouches and handbags.
I've been creating and using my own fabric designs for more than a year now, so that has been exciting.

Why, when and how did you begin making?
For as long as I can remember, I've always loved to make things, and over the years, I've dabbled in every craft imaginable.
I started sewing seriously about ten years ago, and began my business approximately three years ago.

What do you love the most about your craft?
I really just love being creative, and knowing that I can make anything I like, whenever I feel like it.
My house is a bit like a craft shop - I have every supply I could ever need so I can just create on a whim without having to buy anything first!

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?
Ideas seem to pop into my head at the most random times. It could be something I see, or something that someone says in a conversation. An idea can be generated from anything really.
Sometimes the best ideas are a result of a happy accident. The first incarnation of my flower brooches came from some accidental felting of yarn.

Who buys/uses/wears your products? How does this make you feel?
I still get such a buzz when I see someone wearing one of my flower brooches, it's so exciting! I've made lots and lots and lots of them, so there are lots of ladies all over Australia (and a few overseas) wearing them.
My pouch range is unisex, so I hope there are lots of blokes wandering around with their sunnies, or gadgets protected.

How long does each item take you to make?
The time varies on each product. For the items that I make for my business, I try to make them in batches so that they are cost effective.
There are lots of steps in the making of the brooches (including drying time) so this has to occur over a number of days.
When I'm making handbags, I make each one separately. They take a minimum of two hours each.

How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging since January 2008, so that's about three and three quarter years now.
I blog most days depending on what else is happening in my life.

Who is your favourite blogger?
I couldn't possibly pick a favourite - I have 486 blog subscriptions in my google reader. I love them all for different reasons, but most of all, I love them because they're real people making stuff and sharing it with the world.

Where can we find CurlyPops?
I'm on a market hiatus at the moment, but you can find my products in my online shops, and at my retail stockists:
My Big Cartel Shop -
My Made It Shop -
Open Drawer -
Little Shop Of -
Big House Collective -
Red Brick Gallery -