Friday, 29 January 2010

Martha Goes Green

I purchased this lovely cookbook from Lark this morning. It is fabulous. When I got home this was the conversation I had with Mr. S.

Me: Look, look, look! I got this lovely vegetarian cookbook (in a screatching voice)
Mr.S: Vegetaaaaaaaarian?! I don't eat vegetaaaaaaaaaarian! (whingy, small child in distress voice)
Me: Yes you do, you just don't know it.

No meat on the menu this week I'm sorry to say big man...

Here is the link to the Martha Goes Green website with a list of places you can buy in around Australia and Overseas. I think you can buy it online as well. Yay!


  1. Hello neighbour! I see you are a fellow Daylesfordian, does that mean we have already crossed paths at Coles? Probably. Nice to meet you anyway. I like/love your dream house, what a palace. Have fun with your new cook book, it's always inspiring to have some fresh ideas. xo

  2. thats the same reaction i would get from mine! : )